NBA Draft Grades

Atlanta Hawks  Grade: B-

picks: 50. Marcus Erickson SG, Sweden. Dimitrios Agravanis

The Hawks traded away there first round pick to Washington in a sort of three way trade with the Nets the netted them Tim Hardaway Jr. Obviously Hardaway was taken to a contibutor immediately in Atlanta. With there two second round picks, the Hawks decided to grab to foreign players who will probably never see the court for Atlanta.

Boston  Celtics Grade: D


picks: 16. Terry Rozier PG/SG, Louisville; 28. R.J. Hunter SG, Georgia State; 33. Jordan Mickey PF, LSU; 45. Marcus Thornton SG, William and Mary

Not exactly sure what the Celtics are doing here. They reached for Rozier at 16 and he joins a crowded backcourt of small combo guards. I like that they went for Hunter who can shoot but once again there backcourt is crowded. Mickey is a nice player who will compete for playing time.

nets_logoBrooklyn Nets Grade B+

picks: 23. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson(from Portland); 29. Chris McCullough PF, Syracuse

The Nets made a trade sending out Mason Plumlee in a package to acquire Hollis-Jefferson. Brooklyn went younger in an attempt to likely look at other deals to move some veterans out. I both picks for Brooklyn. The Nets are going to have a busy offseason and they will have to unloade some depth for either rookie to see time next year.

thCharlotte Hornets Grade: C

picks: 9. Frank Kaminsky PF, Wisconsin; 39. Juan Valet SG, Argentina;

The Hornets made several trades leading up to the draft, trying to reshape there roster. They like Kaminsky and feel he will thrive in there new spread offense. I think this was a reach, but Kaminsky’s skills fit in with Charlotte.

Chicago Bulls Grade: B

picks:  22. Bobby Portis PF, Arkansas

Even though Chicago has a crowded front court, I like the pick of Portis here. He will not be counted on to be a major contributor right away and can groom himself battling they veteran big men in practice.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Grade: C

picks: 31. Cedi Osmon SG, Macedonia(from Minnesota); 36. Rakeem Christmas C, Syracuse(from Minnesota); 53. Sir Dominic Pointer SF, St. John’s

The Cavs really do not want rookies taking up roster spots and that was evident with there picks. They really should have kept there first rounder Tyus Jones but instead dealt him to Minnesota.

Dallas Mavericks Grade: B

picks:  21. Justin Anderson SF, Virginia; 52. Santam Singhn C, India

The Mavs took a player who gives them a little toughness. He is a bruising small forward with shooting guard size. He is kind of a better version of Jae Crowder who was a fan favorite in Dallas.

Denver Nuggets Grade: B+

picks: 7. Emanuel Mudiay PG, Congo; 57. Nikola Radecevic SG, Serbia

The Nuggets roster is going to be much different on opening night. They are going to be active during the offseason reshaping this roster. Mudiay has a big chance to be a starter for Denver.


Detroit Pistons Grade: B+

picks: 8. Stanley Johnson SF, Arizona; 38. Darrun Hilliard SF, Villanova

Many are criticizing the Pistons for passing on Justice Winslow here, but Johnson is more suited for the Pistons offense. He is not a great three point shooter, but has range on his jumper. Hos ability to slash plus shoot from outside are why they took him over Winslow. Not sure why they took another SF in the second round. I think if they would of addressed another need they would have received an A from me.


Golden State Warriors Grade: B+

picks:  30. Kevon Looney PF, UCLA

The Warriors were able to get a steal with Looney falling to them. The only issue with Looney is his back problem that may require surgery.  I think they found there replacement for David Lee.


Houston Rockets Grade: A

  picks: 18. Sam Dekker SF, Wisconsin; 32. Montrezl Harrell PF, Louisville;

I am not really high on Dekker, but in this slot and to the Rockets I beleive this is a perfect situation for both. The Rockets can use Trevor Ariza as trade bait possibly opening the small forward spot for Dekker. The move that pushed them into the A range was getting Harrell in the second round. Harrell is a first round talent found in the second round. I really give Harrell not only a chance to make this team, but also contribute.



Indiana Pacers Grade: C-

picks:  11. Myles Turner PF/C, Texas; 43. Joseph Young PG/SG, Oregon

If Indiana wants to get back up, this was not the picks to do that. Even though I think Turner may be a solid pro, he is too raw and young to really contribute right away.  Indiana may be blowing this roster up and especially starting over with a new front court, but Turner is a long ways from being counted on. Young is a scorer off the bench that can really shoot. He is small for a 2 guard and really not a point. This may turn out to be a good draft for Indiana, but I don’t see it yet.

Los Angeles Clippers Grade: C

picks:  none

Clippers had no picks and will look to trades to improve.



Los Angeles Lakers Grade: A-

picks:  2. D’Angelo Russell PG/SG, Ohio State; 27. Larry Nance PF, Wyoming; Anthony Brown SF, Stanford

They gambled taking Russell over Okafor and I think ultimately it was the right move. Russell will be the guy who they build around after Kobe leaves. Russell can score, pass, shoot the ball from anywhere and could be the best player in this draft. The only reason they do not get a slam dunk A+ grad is the drafting of Nance in the first round. There were several big man who are better still on the board late in the first.. Nance is athletic but that’s about all, his shot is not where it needs to be and he lacks post moves. Getting Brown in the second was a huge steal.

Memphis Grizzlies Grade: A

picks: 25. Jarrell Martin PF, LSU; 44. Andrew Harrison PG, Kentucky(from Phoenix)

The Grizzlies did good getting Martin in first round and trading for Harrison in second. Martin has a chance to back up Zach Randolph in Memphis. Getting Harrison was a solid move as he brings a different kind of game than starting point guard Mike Conley. With a deep and loaded roster, I am not sure either will get a ton of playing time in there rookie seasons.

Miami Heat Grade A+

picks:  10. Justice Winslow SF, Duke; 40. Josh Richardson SG, Tennessee

Winslow falling to Miami at 10 might be the steal of the draft. With the Heat roster getting somewhat older with Wade and Deng, I see Winslow getting plenty of opportunities to get on the floor. Once again Miami just seems to make the right moves. Richardson may have an opportunity to make this team as a gunner off the bench.

Milwaukee Bucks

Grade B

picks:   17. Rashaad Vaughn SG, UNLV

Not only did they address a need with shooting, they drafted a player with a ton of potential as well. I like Vaughn at this spot and think his shooting will greatly help Milwaukee. The Bucks did trade a future first and there second rounder for Greivis Vasquez which was kind of a reach.

Minnesota Timberwolves Grade A+

picks:  1. Karl Anthony-Towns PF/C, Kentucky; 24. Tyus Jones PG, Duke(from Cleveland)

Obviously when you have the number 1 pick, it is hard to screw it up. Towns will certainly be inserted into the starting lineup from day 1 and I expect good things from him early on. The bold move of trading up to grab Jones just cemented the best draft of the nigh for Minnesota. Jones is a true point guard who can play behind Ricky Rubio and possibky start should Rubio get dealt. I like the recent move the Timberwolves have made. 


th6Q6OH3BDNew Orleans Pelicans Grade C

picks:  56. Brendan Dawson SF, Michigan State

Dawson was a good pick late in the second for New Orleans.New York Knicks Grade A

picks:   4. Kristaps Porzingis PF, Latvia; 19. Jerian Grant PG/SG, Notre Dame(from Washington via Atlanta); 35. Guillermo Hernangomez SF, Spain(from Philadelphia)

I think the Knicks had to take Porzingis at 4. He is quite an unknown at this point and I am not sure where or when he will contribute for New York. I really like the move going up and getting Jerian Grant. Grant has every chance to see alot of playing time and even possibly start.

Oklahoma City Thunder Grade B

picks:  14. Cameron Payne PG, Murray State; 48. Dakari Johnson C, Kentucky

They grabbed the two best players available at each pick. Murray gives them a true point guard who can also play next to Russell Westbrook at times. Johnson gives them another big man to add to the rotation.

Orlando Magic

Grade B+

picks:   5. Mario Hezonja SG/SF, Croatia; 51. Tyler Harvey SG, Eastern Washington

They really needed scoring and they addressed that with both picks. Hezonja has good size and could possibly replace Tobias Harris if he leaves Orlando. Harvey kled the nation in scoring and would be added firepower off the bench.


Philadelphia 76ers Grade B

picks: 3. Jahlil Okafor C, Duke; 37. Richaun Holmes PF, Bowling Green; 47. Artura Guidatis C, Lithuania; 58. J.P. Tokoto SF, North Carolina; 60. Luka Mitrovic C, Serbia

The last thing they needed was another center. Unfortunately LA took Russell who Philly really wanted, they had to take Okafor here. So I guess they look for a trade somewhere down the line and match Okafor in the frontcourt with either Embiid or Noel. They had a chance to take some guards who could come in right away in the second round, but did not accomplish that. They seem to have the worst draft luck.

Phoenix Suns Grade B

picks: 14. T.J. Warren SF North Carolina State; 18. Tyler Ennis PG, Syracuse; 27. Bogan Bodanovic SG, Serbia;50. Alec Brown C Wisconsin-Green Bay

I like the players the Suns drafted, but just unsure how they are all going to fit in with the current roster in Phoenix. I know the Suns are going to be active this offseason so I am grading the players not fit on this one.Warren and Ennis could be starters eventually and Bogdnovic looks ready to come over.


Portland Trailblazers Grade F

picks:   41. Pat Connaughton SG, Notre Dame(from Brooklyn)

They traded Nicolas Batum and then it looked like they found a replacement for him in Randae Hollis-Jefferson and they dealt him to Brooklyn for Mason Plumlee. I did not like that move and feel the Blazers were a good fit for Hollis-Jefferson.

Sacramento Kings Grade C

picks: 6. Willie-Cauley Stein C, Kentucky;

They really needed a point guard but went for a big guy instead. I think Cauley-Stein may be a good player but I am not sure how he fits in with Cousins.They should have took Mudiay.

San Antonio Spurs Grade C-

  picks: 26. Nikola Miutininov C, Serbia; 55. Cady LaLanne C, Massachusetts

They needed to find some young players as there roster is getting older, but instead went Euro stash again with Milutinov. Lalanne likely won’t make team..


Toronto Raptors Grade B

picks:  20 Delon Wright PG, Utah

I really think they needed a small forward but Wright is a good player who should see minutes as a backup to Kyle Lowry. Wright has good size for a lead guard.

Utah Jazz Grade B+

picks:  12, Trey Lyles PF, Kentucky; 42. Olivier Hanlon PG/SG, Boston College; 54. Daniel Diaz SF, Spain

I think Lyles is a good fit in Utah. He can play well with either Gobert or Favors. He is a quick four man with a really good face up game. Hanlon will be a good player off the bench for Utah. Diaz will likely stay in Spain/

Washington Wizards Grade A

Picks: 17. Kelly Oubre SF, Kansas(from Atlanta); 49. Aaron White PF, Iowa

I like the bold move of Washington to  move up in the draft to get Oubre. It looks like Pierce will leave the Wizards, so Porter becomes the starter until Oubre is ready. Oubre also could see minutes at the two guard spot as well behind Bradley Deal. White is a good player who has a real good shot to make this team.

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