Team Needs

5mdhgjh3aa92kih09pgiAtlanta Hawks

Needs:  Center, Point Guard, Wing Depth

The Hawks have many holes to fill and good thing they have many picks to do it with. They really need a quality center who can play next to power forward John Collins on the front line. The also have a unique situation with incumbent point guard Dennis Schroeder. He seems to want out of Atlanta and the hawks may be looking for his replacement. The hawks are armed with three first round picks to hopefully fills many holes.

slhg02hbef3j1ov4lsnwyol5oBoston Celtics

Needs:   Best Available

The Celtics are stacked for the foreseeable future with young talent. The will look to add what they feel is the bet player available.

nets_logoBrooklyn Nets

Needs: Power Forward, Front court Depth

Once again the Nets do not pick until late in the first round. It is likely they go with a big to match up front with Jarrett Allen.

thCharlotte Hornets

Needs: Shooting Guard, Point Guard

The Hornets are not good at developing rookies and are now seemingly in full rebuild. The are likely to unload talent and could be looking to replace starting point guard Kemba Walker if he is traded like most think.

hj3gmh82w9hffmeh3fjm5h874Chicago Bulls

Needs: Small Forward, Center, Depth

The Bulls are in a good spot with two first rounders to get a starting center and starting small forward. They are fortunate last season the trade with Minnesota, set them up nice for a possible playoff appearance sooner rather than later.

e4701g88mmn7ehz2baynbs6e0Cleveland Cavaliers

Needs: Depth

Not sure if the Cavs will be intact next season or dismantled at this time. They will look to add depth whether they trade everyone or keep this roster going forward.

ifk08eam05rwxr3yhol3whdcmDallas Mavericks

Needs: Center, Power Forward, Wing Depth

The Mavs are in prime spot at pick five to get a quality big man or small ball four to plug in right away. They also need some shooting especially at the wing spots to help in this new age NBA.


xeti0fjbyzmcffue57vz5o1glDenver Nuggets

Needs: Small Forward, Wing Depth

The Nuggets are an up and coming team that could use some much needed wing help, especially the small forward spot. In the range they are picking, there will be a bunch of choices for Denver to pick.

3079Detroit Pistons

Needs: Backup Point Guard, Best Available

The Pistons were a major disappointment this season, which led to coach Stan Van Gundy being let go. It is unsure what direction the Pistons go and that includes trading starters for other starters or tearing it down and starting over.

qhhir6fj8zp30f33s7sfb4yw0Golden State Warriors

Needs: Best Available

The Warriors have been superb at finding gems late in the first round or buying picks in early second round. If a player they like is there, they are likely to move up to get them.


8xe4813lzybfhfl14axgzzqeqHouston Rockets

Needs: Guard Depth, Best Available

The Rockets need some help with the three headed back court rotation of Paul, Harden and Gordon. Not likely to find it in draft, but I can see them trying to get some young wings with their two second round picks.

3083Indiana Pacers 

Needs: Best Available

I think the Pacers are happy with the progression they showed this season and will just look to add best piece when they select.

bvv028jd1hhr8ee8ii7a0fg4iLos Angeles Clippers

Needs: Point Guard, Center, Power Forward

The Clipps used a bunch of different point guards all season, mainly due to injuries, but I am not sure they have a sustainable starting point guard currently on the roster. I think they are going to make some moves during the draft, especially with 2 lottery picks to move up. DeAndre Jordan is a free agent and likely gone, so finding a replacement for him should be a priority as well.

uig7aiht8jnpl1szbi57zzlshLos Angeles Lakers 

Needs: Shooting Guard, Center, Depth

Another team who may be more ready for free agency instead of the draft. They have the Cavs first rounder and could find a solid shooter at that spot. I think the Lakers are going to be cocked and loaded to make deals to shore up this roster.

793Memphis Grizzlies 

Needs: Shooting Guard/Small Forward, Power Forward

Injuries really hampered this team, but they now have the fourth pick to get an impact player to pair with Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. I think they go wing if they can and use the pick on the wing with last season’s surprising rookie Dylan Brooks. They also will have plenty of big men to choose from at pick number 4.

burm5gh2wvjti3xhei5h16k8eMiami Heat

Needs: Power Forward, Best Available

Heat are kind of stuck with the recent contract signings and may need to unload some contracts to improve. That along with no picks puts them in full trade mose going into the offseason.

0295onf2c4xsbfsxye6iMilwaukee Bucks

Needs: Center, Wing Depth

I know Thon Maker came on strong in the playoffs, but they may still and go that route if  someone they desire is there. I however think they go with some wing help and some more three point shooting to surround superstar Giannis.

zq8qkfni1g087f4245egc32poMinnesota Timberwolves

Needs: Wing Depth, Best Available

Does it matter who the Wolves take? Cause they are not gonna play much under coach Thibodeau. They really need some depth behind Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler. I will be surprised if they keep this pick though.


th6Q6OH3BDNew Orleans Pelicans

Needs: Small Forward/Shooting Guard, Frontcourt Depth

With only a second round pick they may take best available wing to help out.

qq6jhhi515f6i5d38errfwyr1New York Knicks

Needs: Point Guard, Small Forward

Not sure if they view last season’s rookie Frank Ntikilina as a point guard or shooting guard yet. Rumors are swirling they would like to move up to get one, but I think the Knicks settle for a wing and go with Frank as a point guard for now.

khmovcnezy06c3nm05ccn0oj2Oklahoma City Thunder 

Needs: Best Available

Not sure what this roster will look like this upcoming season, but draft wise I think they just the best available route and plug them in as best they can.

wd9ic7qafgfb0yxs7tem7n5g4Orlando Magic

Needs: Point Guard, Power Forward, Small Forward

The Magic have a lot of decisions to make as far free agents this summer and all that could affect the draft plans. The one thing for sure is they need a floor leader at the point guard position. The will be a top priority for Orlando as the draft approaches.

sixers_logoPhiladelphia 76ers

Needs: Small Forward, Best Available

Sixers could use a quality starting small forward. Robert Covington struggled in the playoffs and could be a trade candidate as his deal becomes trade friendly this season. Philly could also just grab best talent they like, and as we have seen they will plug players in a mesh them together.

g9agfgof0kzui4u445wrsj3e5Phoenix Suns 

Needs:  Center, Point Guard, Guard depth

With the number 1 pick, Phoenix is loaded to take who they feel is the best player in this draft. They will have a tough decision between DeAndre Ayton or Luka Doncic, but ultimately I think they take Ayton.

bahmh46cyy6eod2jez4g21bukPortland Trailblazers 

Needs: Small Forward, Best Available

They played musical small forwards all season and neither one of them should be a starter. Whether they go that route or not, picking late in first round, that’s the most glaring hole. This draft is loaded with wings who could help Portland immediately either coming off the bench or as a starter over those two worthless starters.

832Sacramento Kings

Needs: Small Forward, Center

They really need a consistent starting three to mesh with this young talent. They are loaded wih front court talent, but do not seem to think any of them are a long term starter. With the second pick, thye should be able to fill any need they wish to.

827San Antonio Spurs

Needs: Best Available, Guard Depth, Frontcourt Depth

I know every year it is the same old thing-best available. However this year they need help both up front and in the backcourt. I am not sure if the last few drafts were misses or if the Spurs will not give these youngsters a chance.

yfypcwqog6qx8658sn5w65huhToronto Raptors 

Needs: Best Available

The Raptors were embarrassed in the playoffs by Cleveland and may be forced to clean house. They have no picks to help out, so I think this team look at some trade options.

m2leygieeoy40t46n1qqv0550Utah Jazz

Needs: Backup Point Guard, Depth

The Jazz need a consistent backup to starter Ricky Rubio. With pick 21, there may some options for them. If not, they could use some depth just about every where.

b3619brnphtx65s2th4p9eggfWashington Wizards 

Needs: Guard Depth

They need some consistent  guards or wings who can provide some rest for John Wall and Bradley Beal.

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