Breakdown Raptors-Spurs Trade

Toronto gets: SF Kawhi Leonard and SG Danny Green

In what looks to be a bold move, Toronto has won the bidding to acquire small forward Kawhi Leonard. After a tumultuous year last season in San Antonio, Leonard demanded a trade. The Lakers looked like the favorite but Toronto was the eventual landing spot for Leonard. He proved to be a top 5 player in this league in his time in San Antonio and the Raptors are hoping he gets them over the hump. Toronto looked like they were on the verge of going into a possible rebuild when low and behold LeBron James headed to the Western Conference. The Raptors definitely improved the roster with this move and appear to be going all in on a chance to get to the Finals! Don’t sleep on Green either. He’s a solid defender who has proven to be a really good three point shooter in his career. This move gives them a superstar and a marksman from deep. Both players can be free agents after this season and could both be gone next summer. It’s a gamble but I like what they did getting both even if it’s for one year. Make a run and if it doesn’t get you to the Finals, then it’s time to start the rebuild which this move also will allow them to if it doesn’t work out. Grade: A

San Antonio gets: SG Demar DeRozan, C Jacob Poeltl and 2019 first round pick(top 20 protected)

Is this the best package the Spurs could get? Obviously the other reports were wrong right? I think this is another chance to get something for Leonard, without adding more youth and still trying to compete in the West. I would have tried to fleece the Lakers or Sixers with a better package than this. DeRozan is a star, but to replace Kawhi with him is a stretch. I do give them a little credit trying to stay competitive but I can’t see them getting even close to Golden State, Houston or even the Lakers. I am still shocked at this deal and feel the Spurs could have got more. I understand they get DeRozan for 3 years, but at what cost? Being a mid to late playoff team! Just confusing on this end for me. I would of started a rebuild and gone that route. At least they filled a need with a backup center. Grade: D

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