Nets-Hawks-Nuggets Trade Breakdown

Nets get: PF Kenneth Faried, PF/C Darrell Arthur 2019 1st round pick( top 12 Protected) from Denver and 2020 second round pick(top 55 protected) from Atlanta

The Nets with room to absorb contracts made a good move here. The prize of the trade is the first round that is top 12 protected. The Nuggets are likely a playoff team and will probably surrender that puck to Brooklyn next year. Also do not underestimate the acquisition of Faried! While he fell out the Nuggets rotation, he enters the Brooklyn roster as likely the starter unless they go small again. Regardless I think Faried will see the court a bunch in Brooklyn. Arthur also fits a need as a backup center. This also clears close to $60 million for next summer which could set Brooklyn up for an opportunity to improve quickly. Grade: A

Hawks get: PG Jeremy Lin and 2025 2nd rd pick

The Hawks had open money to absorb the Lin contract. As of right now, Lin figures in as the third string point guard who could also see some time as a backup shooting guard. I think this also will make Atlanta more aggressive with trying to trade starting point guard Dennis Schroeder and handing the reins over to rookie Trae Young with Lin as his backup. Grade: B

Nuggets get: PG Isaiah Whitehead

This is clearly a salary dump by Denver. They were in danger of paying the luxury tax and wanted to get under the tax line. Both Faried and Arthur were not seeing much playing time anyways with Denver going with some younger talent, so it’s not like they gave up contributing players. It is always hard giving up a first round pick to just dump salary but it was necessary for Denver to get under the tax. Grade: B

Other News

PG Isaiah Thomas signs 1 year $2 million with Denver I am sure that Thomas thought he was gonna have a bigger pay day but his hip injury derailed that. This is a good move for Denver as Thomas will come off bench behind Jamal Murray and can also play next to him at times. I fully expect Thomas to have a good season and help boost Denver. Grade: A

SG Wayne Ellington signs 1 year $6.27 million With the Heat in cap hell, locking up Ellington was high on their priority. His playing time will depend on if Miami can trade any of the players they recently put on the block. Ellington is a very reliable shooter who will get plenty of minutes off the bench. Grade: B

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